Dedragon — Practitioner of Play to Earn

3 min readOct 19, 2021

The rise of Play to Earn brings chain games to the next stage of development, but some games may be too much emphasis on earn to ignore play. We believe that a healthy game ecology should be that players are willing to pay for the content of the game. High-level players are willing to spend money for game play and not just for investment. Low-level players get economic benefits through time but not all for making money, because of the game. It can also bring a certain degree of fun. It is the game itself that can make a chain game really stand the test of time and players. When the heat dissipates or a game with higher revenue appears, it must be the game itself that can retain users.

DeDragon adheres to the “Play to Earn” motto. DeDragon is the first blockchain technology-based simulation breeding metaverse game published on CryptoSteam platform.DeDragon has a Superb visual experience and rich game content.In the beautiful Dragon Island, Each dragon has different characteristics. You need to understand the attributes of each dragon during the breeding process, and use the attributes of the dragon to continuously upgrade and evolve to obtain tokens. In the game, players can buy islands, place buildings, and personalize islands. Provide a habitat for dragons to hatch, and visit your friends to interact with them. Our team has decades of experience in large-scale game production and has a deep understanding of product design. With exquisite graphics, rich game content, and a more balanced economic model, the game experience has great advantages over other blockchain games.

In Dragon Island, dragons are divided into generation 0 and generation 1–9. Generation 0 dragons are intelligently generated through game smart contracts, and the number of dragons of 1–9 generation is determined by the generation of parents’ genes. Each genome contains a different number of genes, Each genome contains a different number of genes and is divided into dominant gene D and invisible genes R1-Rx, whose display order D>R1>R2>R3>Rx The display order determines the final morphology.(For more details, please refer to the whitepaper)

We believe that everyone has games that accompany us in our free time in their memory. Perhaps some games no longer exist, but they can exist in the form of memory or in the form of NFT in the physical world. Based on this original intention, our every The one-stop design is full of wishes for the future, unique and precious. All users can freely buy and sell NFT assets in the game. Based on free trading, our NFT extends the feature of participating in mining to obtain tokens, closely following the theme of “earn”.

In the world of DeDragon, PVE and PVP are a perfect playing field where you can show your dragon’s strength. Through the strategic use of skills, attributes, position, and layout, you can achieve a perfect battle experience.And win PVE and PVP, you can also get a lot of points and platform tokens rewards, to achieve the purpose of “Play to Earn”.In order to make “Play to Earn” accessible to some players with limited time, DeDragon has built a unique Defi ecosystem and combined it with gaming through the high-value Dragon NFT. Through liquidity mining and GameFi, an aggregated revenue strategy has been created for users.(For more details, please refer to the whitepaper)

Our original intention is to practice the “Play to Earn” principle, bring real valuable things to the blockchain game world, and guide us to reshape, use, and develop value. We can imagine that the future GemeFi, DeDragon will be with everyone!

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