Soliciting opinions from preventive scientists

Activity time:7th Jan 12pm UTC — 14th Jan 12pm UTC

Activity theme: collect effective suggestions or technical support to prevent scientists

Purpose of the activity: prevent scientists from looting mystery boxes or making profits from technical loopholes

Activity reward:

200 ruby will be awarded for valid opinions on non-technical level

Putting forward valid opinions on technical level will get 3000 ruby

For technical support, please contact @viviyanan telegraph or email to


1. Leave a message on discord: technical-report channel or send an email to:

2. Mark your email with your Telegram name or Discord ID

3. Please mark “technical suggestion” and “non-technical suggestion” by yourself

4.Effective opinions are adopted by the team, in order, and no repeated rewards

5.Which opinions will be publicized every two days

CryptoSteam reserves the right of final interpretation.


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